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Licensed Real Estate Agent

Maureen Murino, who we call ” Reenie ,” is a representative of all that is dynamic and compelling about Long Island. Reenie’s funky flare coupled with her determination for success and an unparalleled desire for perfection is what makes her so valuable. She is thorough, trustworthy and honest; personable, upbeat, high energy and humorous… Reenie is different! Her permanent smile is genuine and contagious. She comes to us after 21 years in the world of Retail… Reenie’s professional career has been 120% customer satisfaction. Her years in the world of Retail Sales and Management have served her well in Real Estate. As a people person, Reenie possesses the uncanny ability to put the right people together at the right time.


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35 Arkay Drive, Suite 300, Hauppauge, NY, United States, New York


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